Let’s not talk about technology here.

We can answer all your questions about our certifications and industry experience. We can fill in all the boxes on the vendor-screening checklist. And that will tell you one thing.

Inergex is fully qualified to be your vendor. Along with 1,000 other IT services companies.

So let’s think outside the procurement checkbox. And focus on the things that make our company great.

Creativity, for one thing. In a world where there are no off-the-shelf problems, you have to have the ingenuity and drive to make things work better in the only place that counts: the client’s unique (and often-a-little-quirky) operating environment.

The ability to communicate. If you can’t communicate, you can’t collaborate. And if you can’t collaborate, how are you going to get anything done?

A natural desire to be helpful. Our business is about helping clients. Helping end users. Helping our client’s business partners and leaders. That’s why it’s essential to have this rare-in-IT helpfulness gene.

The courage to ask tough questions. It’s amazing how often the right questions save time, save money and open doors that lead to breakthroughs.

You won’t find these qualities spec’d out in your typical RFP. But they are I-beams in our culture. They are top priorities in our look-beyond-the-resume approach to hiring. And they are powerful ingredients in our formula for success.

The right people + the right culture + the right skills and experience = client bliss.

OK. That’s enough about us. Now let’s talk about our favorite topic: your IT challenges and opportunities.

To start that conversation, contact Inergex today.